Scary Tweezers, Lesions & Oatmeal Poops

Oh my my oh hey hey.

So yeah, Thinga keep getting better and better!


Fucking great.

So I guess this infection of mine is something gnarly.. Maybe I misunderstood the doctors, but from what i heard it sounds like they will have to do surgery. But not just like “oh let’s take out this shit” but like ‘”let’s take this shit OUT” meaning it will potentially leave me disfigured. Or, as my bothers would say, more disfigured.

They would have to take out all the infected skin, which as I understand is like the entirety of the inside of my snchnozz. I think minday they’ll come back and extract more of my nose. The other day they sprayed numbing shit up there and then stuck a light up there along with some tweezer-looking gadget and pulled a bunch of shit out. The light was like ten inches long and it was fucking terrifying! Like, lady, my most isn’t that big, trust me! I’ve gone digging for boogers before, and trust me, it’s not that deep! Fuckin’ hell! The tweezers were pretty aggressive, too. She shoved that shit up there unapologetically and started ripping at shit I’d say it was shit that didn’t need to be ripped at, but it actually did need to come out. It was like nasty infected booger shit. I tried to extract that nastiness myself but it was totally a job for scary tweezers. Blah. Fuck. Nasty shit, yo.

So maybe I’ll look like Voldemort. Or Michael Jackson.

The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But I like my nose!!! I don’t want to fucking lose it!! And I definitely don’t want to look like Voldey or MJ.

The clostest to MJ I wanna get is propofol. And not enough to kill me, that’s for sure!

Fuck, man.


What else is new?

The lesion behind my ear decided to shed today. So that was neat. My wonderful family had an impromptu Easter gathering at my house so that I could eat and see everyone which was the fucking BEST and it was so amazing to see everyone. My cousin even flew in from D.C.! I ate to the point of wanting to throw up which was amazing, and my other cousin even made me a personal cake for my belated bithday! My family is literally the best. Gah I can’t even express how amazing they all are. S/O to all of you for absolutely making my entire day!

Oh, yeah, anyway, back to the lesion! Cause I know you’re all chomping at the bit to find out more about it.

Tim stopped by for a quick visit which is always welcome, and while we were chatting it up I felt behind my ear simply to determine the progression of the sore, and a large chunk of skin fell off into my hand.

Ok, it wasn’t really that large. But it was like a pea size chunk of dark skin that just popped right off. So there’s that, which is pretty neat I suppose.

There’s got to be more that I can share!

I’ve basically been surviving off of oatmeal for the past week or so. I go through phases of cravings (Mexican food, pasta, potato potato soup…) and now it’s been oatmeal. It’s fucking awesome. I eat so much god damn oatmeal! It’s delicious. Most notably the fruit and cream kind. It makes me poop so normally! Like three poops a day, and I don’t even have to take laxatives for it! They just happen. It’s so great. It’s pretty annoying when I have to take stool softeners and all that, and it’s even worse when I poop like every other day. But with this whole oatmeal diet I have going on, I don’t have to worry about that at all! It’s so so great! My advice for today is to eat tons of oatmeal! Because it’s fucking delicious and it’ll make ya shit real good. Ugh! So great. Oatmeal poops, man. That’s where it’s at.

La la la so now it’s 3:47AM. Maybe it’s time to call it a night and write more later today. There’s got to be more for me to talk about! But I don’t want to have a have a half-assed post. Cause that would be the worst. Even worse than cancer! I couldn’t do that to you people!

Alas I think I will call it a night and think of what else I can write for later today. Happy Easter to all! And to all a good night! (Until I maybe post again later today!)

One thought on “Scary Tweezers, Lesions & Oatmeal Poops

  1. Oatmeal, one of my favorites but I haven’t had it in a long time so you reminded me to get back to my roots. I am also a huge fan of potato soup! So reading your comments made me a little hungry. At this time I am in Kiev, Ukraine, on travel. Yesterday was Easter, I went to a lovely festival for children that featured Easter eggs, hand-painted and in all sizes. It was awesome. I took about 100 photographs. Later went to a beautiful cathedral. One of the things at the cathedral was people brought picnic baskets filled with food. The priests went around blessing the food and the people. I met a couple, Yarina and Alex, they were smart people, each of them spoke five languages. I think God endowed them with more than their share of brainpower. Good luck on your journey, several of my friends and I follow your commentary.


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